Are you as excited about beUtofullness as we are? Do you wish you and your group/organization could have an in-person or virtual beUtofullness training? Good news! We'd love to meet you and share our passion for beUtofullness at your training location or online for a live, virtual event.

beUtofullness trainings are great for groups such as clubs, teams, youth programs, a gathering of your friends, family reunion, parent-child group, Distinguished Young Women training, pageant training, or any other gathering. Our certified educators bring their excitement and expertise in your choice of any of the following topics:

  • beUtofullness and The beUty Formula
  • Hairstyles for your beUty Formula
  • How to dress your Body Form
  • Makeup for your beUty Formula
  • Skin care for your beUty Formula
1-hour 2-hour half-day full-day
$200 $375 $700 $1200

*Prices negotiable for 501(c)(3) non-profits, including charities and foundations.

We offer a grant to provide free trainings for qualified groups. To apply, explain your organization and your need on the Request a Training form.

We currently offer in-person trainings in Idaho, Utah, Montana (western), and Wyoming (western), There is no travel charge for locations within 35 miles of Rexburg, ID.

We look forward to expanding our in-person trainings to additional locations in the United States and beyond. At this time, trainings for other locations are available virtually.