U-Be Gets Up is more than just a childrens book, it's a powerful tool for parent to help teach their children learn about the proactive and reactive emotions we each will come to experience. The inUpowers stories will help kids begin to recognize the emotions and situations and develop healthy ways to cope.


To discover and learn about who you are inside out as well as outside in, enter your info below to get started!
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To discover and learn about who you are inside out as well as outside in, enter your info below to get started!
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U-be is all of beUtofullness wrapped up in one amazing dude! He's all heart and focused on helping you! U-be takes time to notice and appreciate his 'be,' his body, his gift of life. He knows who he really is and that he has worth and value. He knows who you are you too, and helps you remember when you forget. He wants to be everything to everyone, but knows he can't. When he falls, he gets up and tries again.

Just like you, U-be doesn't have it all figured out yet and makes plenty of mistakes. He asks for help when he needs it and becomes stronger by getting up when he falls. U-be is all about working through his 'to' to get to his fullness so he can shine, lift others and lean on trusted friends along the way. U-be embraces the truth that we are all perfectly imperfect and uses his big hands and feet to help others and to pick himself up and try again.

U-be is the epitome of acceptance, love, and perseverance and is here to help you whenever you need him!


WAM, What About Me, is a tornado, a hollow vortex of empty air. WAM is centered on himself (notice the "I" of his sneaker laces), sucks in energy from others, and leaves destruction in his wake. WAM knows he's empty. He wants other people to fill him, but no matter how much he sucks in from the outside, it's never enough to fix his inside. You can't fill your soul that way; trying to do so just destroys the people around you. Empty souls are filled by knowing you matter, knowing who you are, and living your fullness.

If you give a compliment to someone else, WAM will make sure you give him a compliment too. When WAM does something nice, it's actually because he needs your recognition to fill his emptiness. WAM blames and shames others because it's never his fault when something goes wrong; it's your fault.

We all have WAM moments from time to time when we spin the wrong way (outside to inside) to try to feel better about ourselves. When we focus on ourselves rather than others, catch ourselves saying "me" and "I" a lot, blame and shame others rather than being accountable for our own actions, or notice that we need others in order to feel better about ourselves, WAM has crept in! WAM helps you remember how to identify your hollow What About Me moments so you can choose to turn them into U-be days.


POP, Progress Over Perfection, is wisdom! POP seeks to improve himself rather than trying to be perfect. Since POP has a few scars and injuries, he uses a POL for support. He knows that his scars and injuries are simply Proof Of Living (POL).

POP is a seeker of truth and host of love. His P-d glasses remind us that perspective is truth. because the letter you see depends on which side you're looking from. POP uses his gentle wisdom and kindness to look through his glasses and remember he can't see both sides on his own. There's a lot to learn from others' perspectives and opinions and POP knows both perspectives can actually be right at the same time! What lenses do you use to see the world around you? Are you wearing angry glasses? Joy glasses? You'll always find what you're looking for!

POP's P-d glasses and POL are gold-colored because they are precious to him. It takes courage to learn from others' perspectives and appreciate your POL. Whenever you're feeling impatient with your slow progress, frustrated at the lack of growth you see in others, or upset by the physical reminders of your proof of living (stretch marks, scars, lingering visible effects of life), POP will be here to share his wisdom and remind you to seek progress over perfection!


OSI is driven, talented, and sparkly. Her shine is part of her alluring disguise. For a second it’s exciting to be around OSI, but before you know it, she’s burned you. OSI has exceedingly high expectations of herself that she can’t live up to, so she does all she can to be first, to win, to be number one at all costs because coming in second means she is the first loser. When she’s not number one she fakes it, because if she can get you to believe that she’s the best in everything, maybe she’ll be okay after all. OSI will do whatever it takes to ensure she’s number one. She’s too much!

OSI never makes a mistake (just ask her), so don’t expect her to apologize. On the rare occasion that she hears correction, OSI burns herself with it on the inside, and then protects herself by turning up the heat. OSI’s disgusted looks and demeaning comments burn those around her until she’s the only one left, the last one standing, number one at everything. OSI doesn’t mean to burn you, but that’s the only way she knows to stay on top. She has to be better than all costs.

When you’re lured into having OSI moments you might briefly enjoy the drive, the sparkles, and being the best, but you’ll quickly feel the instability and loneliness of her OSI footprint shoes, the incinerating isolation of her glare stare, and the weight of trying to live up to completely unrealistic and twisted expectations of perfection. When you feel you have to be the best no matter what, seek out POP and his friends to seek a different perspective and choose a beUtofullness moment instead.


BEA is one amazing set of lungs! She helps you feel safe as you breathe, laugh, and cry with her. BEA shares her golden voice box so you can find your voice and speak up and be heard.

BEA loves you without judgment and is one of the most accepting, capable friends you’ll ever know. She loves her gold freedom chair and its one squeaky wheel. BEA sees her chair as a gift, not a curse, because she innately finds the good in everything. BEA is flexible. She knows that sometimes she takes longer to do things than she had planned and might need help from others, and that’s just fine.

BEA’s sandals, blanket, and bag display her additional unique strengths. BEA’s sandals show her genuine personality and openness. Her blanket envelops her in the warmth and safety of beUtofullness. And she digs into her U-bag to find the just the thing you need.

If you catch yourself needing to cry, unable to speak up, or taking shallow breaths, call on BEA to cry with you, find your voice, and breathe deeply again.


SUE happens when you experience a Severely Unraveling Event, a trauma that forever changes the landscape of your life. Like tsunamis triggered by earthquakes, SUE blasts through as a wall of destruction when you have a devastating experience. The only way to protect yourself from SUE’s indiscriminate path of destruction is to move to higher ground. And just when you think you are safe from the tsunami's annihilation, SUE’s riptide drags anything that might have survived back out to sea.

SUE leaves seemingly endless piles of debris and unopened baggage in her wake. Clearing the vast amount of debris and baggage is long, hard work and often takes the effort of many people working together to be successful. If you choose not to do the hard work, the natural landscape will begin to grow around and through the debris causing more pain and confusion.

Find safety, support, and your voice with BEA and her friends each time you need to clear SUE’s debris and sort through the baggage she leaves behind. The power is truly in U to build (and rebuild) and enjoy a flourishing, debris-free, safe and beUtofull landscape to serve as the backdrop for your new moments.


PEG always looks out for you. She’s your gut intuition and helps you with the ‘to’ of beUtofullness (to allow, accept, forgive, let go, and set free). She sends butterflies, gurlges, and makes all kinds of noises to warn you of danger, alert you when something’s not right, confirms truth, and flags mistakes that need to be fixed. PEG gurlges to let you know when your ‘to’ needs attention so you can rise above defeat, shame, emptiness, and pain.

PEG’s boots have a sturdy U-shaped heel to dig in when you need her to and her gold neckerchief shows she’ll swallow anything you throw at her. PEG processes what you swallow, sends the good to nourish you, excretes the waste into her boot, and sanitarily dumps the gross it for you. Isn’t it great that with PEG’s help, you can process your ‘to’ without splashing your poop on yourself and those around you?

When PEG speaks up, it’s because she loves you and it’s for your own good, so listen to her and take action. Call on PEG whenever you need help to process your stuff as you allow, accept, forgive, let go, and set free the negativity you encounter and remember to listen to her warnings...PEG cares. She’s always looking out for you. You can lean on PEG’s protective, encouraging guidance to get you through your ‘to.’


FOG's Fear Of Growth is so strong it's almost tangible. FOG's biggest accomplishment was 'almost'. He almost did this, he almost did that, he almost did lots of things. FOG didn't achieve those things because he was afraid. FOG doesn't want to miss out, so he shows up often and in lots of different places, but he wishes he could disappear and doesn't want to be noticed so he doesn't contribute to anything. He just looms, without any substance. FOG is opinion-less and doesn't take a solid stand for what is right because he's afraid; FOG is a mist that moves wherever the wind blows. FOG is afraid of hurting someone's feelings, of failing, of succeeding, being wrong, of being right, etc., etc., etc. He's scared of becoming, so he doesn't actually try. FOG thinks about trying, but then fades away in a chilly mist.

FOG can be a problem for us too because fear obscures the truth from our view and makes it more difficult to find our way. Living in FOG feels cold and dark. FOG can spread to those around us and they can get lost in the mist too. Mist is hard to touch and clearly define, so if you feel a FOG coming on, seek out U-Be and his friends to help you courageously push past that FOG!


SIS are eyes of Truth and Respect, the windows to your soul. They are twin sisters with unique personalities who prefer to work as a team. SIS are girls who’ve been taught to be ladies and to be seekers of light. As seekers, SIS searches for truth and respect in every circumstance. They are innately good, filled with light, love to have fun, travel, and learn about different lands and people. SIS seeks truth and shows respect as they experience new cultures and perspectives.

Truth shines bright and is steady and reliable, just like the sun on her sneakers. Respect’s wandering eye searches for goodness across the families and cultures of our world. The moon and stars on her sneakers remind us that we all live under the same light. SIS sees the truth of your good and your rough spots. They respect you and teach you the truth using integrity and kindness.

When you feel lost in the darkness or can't see the good around you, go to SIS and look through both eyes to see more clearly. SIS knows that sometimes one hug isn't enough, and you just need one more. SIS and her friends are here for you whenever you need help seeing the truth and finding respect.


RAE is a thundercloud and lightning bolt of anger and frustration. He’s mean and a bully. When RAE gets uncomfortable or can’t control a situation, his first instinct is to fight. His thundercloud head is filled with negative words aimed at himself and everyone around him and can explode at any moment. RAE’s words rumble so loudly they can spark fear for those around him. Others like to poke and provoke him to create more friction and see if they can make him blast a lightning bolt.

RAE is unstable in his metal cleat combat boots, but he keeps them because he likes that they leave a mark. RAE thinks he is protecting himself if he hurts you before you hurt him and that if his mark is big enough, maybe you’ll think twice before upsetting him. RAE doesn’t claim responsibility for his actions, he blames you.

If you frequently experience RAE moments like when you want to punch something or use anger when you are unsettled, the power is in U to create different moments. Reach out to SIS and her friends to find the truth and learn how to respect yourself and others to change your RAEs into beUtofullness moments.


FIL is a muscle. FIL knows who he is and who he isn’t; he’s a bicep, not a quadricep. He uses his fullness (his weaknesses, strengths, gifts, and talents) to shine and help others. FIL is always more than he used to be and isn't yet what he will be, and is completely happy with where he is today. He chooses to pick up his dumbbell called 'Effort,' and applies the principle of a muscle to feel the resistance, get sore, recover, and then come back stronger.

FIL is a true team player and loves his team hightops. He knows everyone is needed and has a position to play based on their gifts and talents. The team can only reach their full capacity when each person contributes their strengths and encourages others to do the same, because greatness happens together.

FIL strives for his personal best, never comparing or competing against others. One of FIL’s greatest strengths is that he knows when he can give and when he needs to recover. FIL protects the strength he’s worked so hard to cultivate by intentionally surrounding himself with healthy food, thoughts, and entertainment.

Lean on FIL to find joy and meaning in being yourself, continually learning what you are and aren’t good at, developing your strengths into talents, and using those talents to lift and build others to show them they are beUtofull too!


ETE is an exhausted sandstorm who feels like she's never enough. She's mentally, emotionally, and physically worn out from the great effort it takes to be everything to everyone. ETE doesn’t know who she is or what she wants, so she shapes her sand in many different positions trying to be exactly what you want her to be in an attempt to gain your approval. ETE is also trying to be exactly what other people want her to be and she’s massively overwhelmed. She tries so hard, but really she’s just ETE; a disjointed, discouraged, and unfulfilled pile of tired sand.

ETE’s glasses and shoes are more evidence of how hard she tries to be everything to everyone. As a result, her shoes are quite unsteady and she can’t accurately see the world around her.

When you find yourself overwhelmed, trying hard, and feeling like you’ll never be enough, reach out to FIL and his friends to remind you who you truly are.