THE 'to' IN beUtofullness IS TO MOVE FORWARD.

'To’ Is to Allow, Accept, Forgive, Let Go, and Set Free. ‘To’ Is Your Emotional Health and Often Speaks From Your Gut. How Often Do You Listen to It? And Do Something About It?

It can be hard to be accountable for our own decisions, but that's how we get out of the yuck and move forward. When you feel stuck, have trouble getting past something, or feel like you can't thrive but you don't know why, it's probably your 'to' that needs attention. When you catch yourself saying things like, "You made me ______" or "If they would/wouldn't _____, then I wouldn't have to ______" (can you hear your gut wincing?), that's another way you know it's time to pay attention to your 'to.'

  • Begin 'to' by allowing yourself to be human, to age, to change.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  • (Please remember the person next to you is allowed to be human, age, change, and make mistakes, too.)

'To’ Is Also Acceptance. Acceptance Isn’t an Excuse to Stay Stuck. It’s to Acknowledge the Reality of the Things You Didn’t Choose.

  • Accept that you can't (and shouldn't) be everything to everyone. (Breathe a sigh of relief.)
  • Accept the circumstances of your birth. You didn't choose where you were born or the health or wealth of you or your family, but what you do with those circumstances is your choice.
  • Accept that you didn't choose your U; none of us did.
  • Accept that scar, stretch mark, wrinkle, or other evidence that you're living a real life; they are your proof of life!
  • Accept the fact that you have limits and can only do your best with what you have.

Let Go of Negativity

Hanging onto negativity causes you to hurt, to feel shame, defeat, and emptiness, to create excuses, to beat ourselves up, and possibly, to hurt others. You have the power to forgive yourself. You have the power to forgive others. Sometimes the hurt feels bigger than we are. When it is, reach out to a trusted person for help.

After you forgive, the next step of 'to' is to choose to let go of what is hurting you, whatever it is. Then choose to let go of the next hurt, and the next hurt, and the next hurt.

After you let it go, set it free. This means you don't bring out your old pain to gain sympathy or some other perceived benefit. Don't rehash that old hurt to make sure someone else feels your pain, either. Learn what you need to learn and then cut the string. Set it free forever.

You are not your past, and 'to' is a process, a life-long, amazing journey. Start today. You really can do it!
Remember, you are beUtofull!