THE 'U' IN beUtofullness REPRESENTS YOUR UNIQUE beUty formUla.

It’s Based on Natural Law, Identifies Your Physical Characteristics, and Reveals Your Personal beUty.

There are three basic face shapes, skin tones, body forms, and hair types to describe every person on this planet. There are many kinds of beautiful, none are exactly the same! You're not meant to look like anyone else...Isn't that great?

  • Faces can be squares, circles, or triangles.
  • Skin tones are cool, neutral, and warm.
  • Body forms are up, equal, and down.
  • Hair types are thin, medium, and thick.

Remember: You didn't choose your physical characteristics, but you get to choose what to do with them.

"Yay, you have your beUty Formula Quiz results! Now what? First, let's refresh on a few key principles.

  • Your beUty Formula explains a part of who you are, but digits are not definitions.
  • You're much more than your appearance, but ignoring your outside hurts your inside.
  • Applying your beUty Formula increases your confidence and appreciation for your unique body.
  • You're not meant to look like anyone else. There's only one U, so be the best U you can be!"

Before learning about your Formula results, take a minute or two to be grateful for your amazing body, your gift of life, your 'be.' Choose at least three features that you love about your face, skin, body, or hair. (No slipping into what you don't like...just focus on what you do like for now.) Be sure to celebrate your best features! You are AMAZING and you are BEUTOFULL! (You might not believe us yet, but it's true!)
BeUty is all about creating balance and symmetry.

  • A traditionally beautiful woman has a Circle-long face shape.
  • A traditionally handsome man has a Square-long face shape.
  • Both have an Equal-in body form.
To feel more beUtofull or attractive, enhance your best features, and seek balance and symmetry for the rest. Scroll down to learn tips for achieving balance and symmetry for how you're made. (Remember, you didn't choose any component of your Formula, but you do get to choose what to do with it!)


"Aren't faces amazing? Our faces are a large part of our personal identity. Face shapes are determined by heredity, skin, and age. By age 25 your face structure is fully developed.

Thanks to gravity, our faces continue to change over time. On one hand, gravity keeps us from floating away. On the other hand, gravity also pulls your body parts toward the earth. Your skin changes over time which might slightly alter your face shape. You'll also notice (if you haven't already) your nose and ears continue to grow throughout your life.

There are three main face shapes: square, circle, and triangle with two subsets of each shape. Many people are a combination of one or more structural shapes. Start by learning about your dominant face shape, then work into your secondary shape.

Visit our Face Shape page to learn principles of symmetry and balance to make the most of your amazing face!."


"Every person in the entire world, regardless of ethnicity or heritage, has either a cool, neutral, or warm skin tone and all three are equally beUtofull! We are all exactly, differently the same.

Matching the color of your hair, clothes, and accessories to your skin tone will help you feel and look your best.

Visit our Skin Tone page to learn how to make the most of your amazing skin tone!."


Bodies are an amazing gift! Our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, and our skin heals itself all on their own without us even thinking about it. Amazing! (Visit our 'be' page for a reminder about how amazing the inside of your body is.)

Just like your face shape, your body form is also fully developed by the age of 25. And yep, you guessed it - your body form can change from year to year as your phase of life, skin, and weight change. Consider retaking The beUty Formula quiz in the future to learn how your body form changes.

For now, click on your body form below to learn principles of symmetry and balance to make the most of your amazing, beUtofull body!


Ah, hair. For those of us that have it, let's celebrate it. For those of us that don't, celebrate that, too!

If you have hair, you likely accumulate many hours trying to create the 'perfect' volume, style, and shine with many different products and haven't quite found what you're looking for. Now you have a cabinet full of useless products. Agh!

Good news! You're not alone. Most people choose their hair products based on sight, smell, and recognition (from the Internet, TV, social media, etc.). And many people choose their hairstyles by replicating someone else's look. But there's a better way!

Apply balance and symmetry to your hair's natural law (combined with your face shape and body form) to find the most flattering look for U!